Cost of Asbestos Inspections

Being aware of where asbestos-containing materials may be found on your property ensures your safety and the safety of others. If you desire to renovate or demolish any portion of your property, an inspection will be needed before abatement. Adding the inspection cost might seem frightening, depending on your budget, but no price can be placed on safety and good health.

While the cost of an asbestos inspection can vary, depending on various factors, you can understand what goes into the cost and the averages for asbestos inspections. Keep reading to learn more about the cost of asbestos inspections.

What Affects the Cost of an Asbestos Inspection?

Asbestos inspections are intended to keep you, your property, and the environment safe from a hazardous carcinogen found in numerous building materials in most residential and commercial properties. Inspections are absolutely necessary if you intend to renovate, demolish, or fix existing damage, and should be done by a professional with experience in mitigating asbestos risk.
The asbestos inspection cost is not a one-size-fits-all. Various factors determine the cost of your asbestos inspection, including:

  • Type of Survey
  • Type of Test
  • Property Size
  • Ease of Access
  • Additional Testing
  • Location

Two main types of surveys are performed: Asbestos Management Survey and Refurbishment and Demolition Survey. An Asbestos Management Survey aims to identify probable locations of asbestos through a visual inspection to inform owners where the risks are and where to avoid renovations. The cost range for this survey is between $200 and $800.

The Refurbishment and Demolition Survey takes it a step further with sample-taking in addition to a visual inspection to know with certainty where asbestos-containing materials may be before renovations or demolition. These samples are then sent to a lab for analysis, and the results are given in 7 to 10 days—the cost of this type of survey averages between $900 and $1,200.

There are a few different tests that your asbestos inspector may perform during the property survey. The four main types of tests include physical sample testing, dust sample testing, water testing, and air testing. Each one of these tests comes with its range of cost. For example, the average cost of a dust sample test is between $120-$180. The least expensive test is the water test, starting at $100, and the most expensive is the air test, which on the high end can reach up to $845.

Property size not only determines how much the inspection will cost but how long it will take to perform. Multiple tests will need to be conducted in every space to ensure there is no presence of asbestos. The bigger the property, the more samples will need to be taken and the longer it will take to inspect. Remember that it’s not just one location or material that the asbestos expert has to inspect. Asbestos can be found in various materials and spaces, including but limited to:

  • Wall sheeting
  • Vinyl flooring
  • Roof coatings
  • Insulation
  • Popcorn ceilings
  • Carpet inlays

Cost is affected by the lengths the inspector will have to go to get to areas that need to be tested. The more difficult access to these areas is, the more potential it has to affect cost. If the inspector needs to get on the roof, for example, but there isn’t an access point, like an attic, they may need to break apart walls and ceilings to reach it, adding to the cost.

Depending on the lab results, more testing might be needed. If samples that were taken come back positive, the asbestos inspector might recommend different types of tests in these areas, like air or water testing. If your property has no asbestos, you won’t have to worry about a higher cost for additional testing.

The cost of hiring a professional to perform an asbestos inspection on your property may vary depending on your location. If you’re in a suburban area, you’re more likely to have asbestos professionals near you, but if you live in a rural area, you might not have any close by, which could equate to further costs for travel and time.

Average Cost of Asbestos Testing

While the exact cost of an asbestos inspection is subject to the various factors already outlined, there is an average national cost you can use as a gauge for your property to be inspected.

  • National Average Cost: $495
  • Common Price Range: $235 – $785
  • Low-End Cost: $100
  • High-End Cost: $1,800

The low-end cost is based on a single room area, performing the least expensive testing, the dust sample test. The high-end cost is based on a full inspection of a large home, performing the most expensive test, air testing. Commercial properties can surpass the high-end, depending on the size and type of testing.

Why Choose the ACM Team for Asbestos Inspection Services

When you choose ACM, you can be assured our inspections are done with the most modern technology to guarantee precision and accuracy. We use crafted expertise and skills to conduct a comprehensive survey of your property for asbestos-containing material before we start with asbestos removal or management processes.

With the ACM Team, you can trust that our asbestos inspection experts are experienced professionals who will provide a personalized plan and safe process for removing hazardous materials from your property. With over 20 years of expertise in this industry, we guarantee satisfaction at a reasonable cost with every project. Contact us today at (603) 319-1270 to learn more about our services and how we can help you.

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