ACM Is Focused On Safety

For over 20 years, organizations across Massachusetts and New Hampshire have trusted ACM for safe and effective asbestos removal, demolitions, and other environmental remediation services.  Our duty is to provide the services you need, while prioritizing safe operations that protect you, your property, and the environment.

There’s no ‘trick’ to having a great safety record.  On every job, every time, we focus on safety from the start.  Our workers are highly trained, certified, and re-trained frequently.  We stay ahead of the curve, adopting the latest in safety techniques as soon as they are proven, so that we know we’re always following the best possible practices.


Our safety programs include, but are not limited to:



How ACM Protects You From Start To Finish

We’re trusted across the area thanks to our commitment to doing the job right, the first time, while providing all the safety services and support that you need.

This includes:

Weekly Training Sessions

Our workforce is all highly qualified, trained, and certified in safe removal of dangerous materials – but we don’t rest on our laurels.  We provide weekly refresher and re-training sessions which ensure our people are always up-to-date on the latest techniques.  Our workers don’t become complacent or sloppy, because that simply cannot be allowed when dealing with hazardous environments and materials.

Safety-Focused Planning

Every job we do begins with an extensive site survey, cataloging any dangerous materials or potential points of failure when conducting the job.  Every step is meticulously planned out ahead of time, including any aspects which could present unusual challenges or dangers.  We don’t proceed with any operation unless we’re certain we’ve done everything possible to protect everyone involved.

Top-Grade Equipment

From our hazmat suits to the vehicles used to carry and transport materials away from our site, we don’t skimp on technology.  Our equipment is state of the art, well maintained, and our workers are thoroughly trained on its use.  Reliable equipment brings reliable demolitions and remediation results.

Full Insurance Coverage

There’s a lot that can potentially go wrong in demolitions and hazmat removal, and so we carry extensive insurance coverage.  This guarantees that you will be protected from any financial or legal repercussions in the event of an accident.

Extensive Documentation

We take just as much care when dealing with paperwork.  At the end of every job, you’ll receive full detailed documentation of the work done, suitable for submission to government agencies, insurance companies, and other authorities.  In this way, we protect you from any potential legal issues, while also protecting from physical harm.

Choose ACM For Top-Quality Demolitions And Environmental Remediation In MA And NH

From small-scale asbestos cleanup at older homes, to the largest of demolition jobs, ACM always places the utmost priority on your safety.  Contact us to learn more.