Excellent Customer Support Makes ACM A Valued Partner

For over twenty years, homeowners, businesses, and government agencies have turned to ACM for demolitions, asbestos removal, and environmental remediation services.  Typically, once a client works with us, they call us whenever they need more work done – in part because of the high priority we place on excellent customer service and support!

Communications are key in this field, and we maintain open lines of support.  We’re here when you need us, and we’re always available to consult on future projects, or jobs currently underway.

This dedication to providing superior service covers all aspects of a job.

Detailed Up-Front Discussions

Every job starts with extensive discussions with the client, to fully understand their situation and their needs.  No two jobs are the same, and we never allow ourselves to fall into a ‘one size fits all’ mentality.  Whether you simply have an old garage that needs to be cleansed of asbestos, or you’re planning a major demolition with significant environmental concerns, we don’t start planning until we know exactly what you need.

Keeping You In The Loop

We want you involved throughout the surveying and planning stages.  It’s your property, and no one will know better than you what’s important, or needs a higher level of priority.  This also includes developing an understanding of your situation, and how we can minimize the impact of our operations on your life or workflow.  We take your concerns under consideration, and work with you to develop a full plan of action.

Clear Timelines

As the plan develops, we’ll provide a full timeline of operations, demonstrating how we’ll be able to complete the job within the set deadline.  We’ve been in this business long enough to know that contingencies happen, such as unexpected weather events which disrupt operations.  We plan ahead, include some allowance for delays, and do everything possible to get the work done within the given timeframe.

24/7 Availability

We don’t simply maintain regular office hours!  Our phones are always open, and we’re available 24/7.  Whether a sudden emergency arises which calls for immediate action, or you have concerns about a job in progress, we want to guarantee there are always open lines of communication available.

Extensive Documentation

Our dedication to customer service continues after a job is completed.  We maintain detailed notes and documentation on every aspect of the project, and these are provided to you at its completion.  The documentation we provide is suitable for submission to government agencies, insurance companies, or other relevant authorities.  Should you ever have an issue with paperwork or bureaucracy relating to work we do, we’ll help sort it out.

Building A Better Community With ACM

We’re dedicated to improving New Hampshire and Massachusetts, one job at a time.  Dangerous materials in buildings and the atmosphere are everyone’s problem, and we’re proud of the work we do protecting the people and the environment of these fine states.

From large scale commercial jobs to residential projects, no matter the size ACM is always available to provide asbestos inspections and services, demolitions and environmental cleanup operations.  Contact us learn more.