Hazardous Materials Remediation – Asbestos Abatement


Why ACM is the Premier Partner for Safe Environmental Remediation And Cleanup Services

No one wants to be responsible for a property which is found to be contaminated with hazardous materials.  Unfortunately, such sites are extremely common – especially as we continue to learn more about the environmental harm done by building materials used throughout the 19th and 20th centuries.

Across the United States, there are more than 1,400 “superfund” sites known to be heavily contaminated, and hundreds of thousands – potentially millions – of less-contaminated sites which still present a significant risk to human health, the environment, or both.  Should you discover you own a contaminated property, it’s critical to move quickly to avoid health problems or the bad publicity which comes from owning a ‘dirty’ property.

ACM specializes in environmental remediation, decontamination, and cleanup of toxic sites across Massachusetts and New Hampshire.  We have over 20 years’ experience, and are trusted partners with numerous agencies, businesses, and construction firms.  ACM is fully licensed, certified, and insured.  You can trust us to clean up contaminated sites, while minimizing damage done to your property.

Safely Cleaning Up Contaminated Properties

ACM can handle some of the worst materials commonly found in contaminated buildings and properties, including:

Asbestos Abatement                     

Throughout the 20th century, asbestos was used as an insulating material in buildings and numerous other products, from clothing to drywall.  However, as medical research advanced, it was discovered to be a deadly carcinogen, and use of it was largely phased out from construction.  Unfortunately, this leaves uncountable buildings across America which still contain dangerous levels of asbestos.

By law, asbestos surveys and removal must be conducted prior to demolitions work or major building renovation.  ACM is your partner in MA, NH and ME for safely identifying and removing asbestos on your commercial or residential property in full compliance with regulations.

We use all best-practice methods of asbestos abatement, such as:

  • Visual inspections and hand removal
  • Negative pressure / filtered exhaust systems
  • Mobile decontamination trailers
  • Purpose built site specific decontamination units
  • HEPA vacuuming and air monitoring

We have the experience to survey and clean up every material within a building, from in-wall insulation to floor tiles and other ‘hidden’ sources of asbestos.  Our rates are reasonable, and our crews are among the best in the industry.

Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) Abatement

PCBs are man-made chemicals which were commonly used as liquid insulators in building construction throughout most of the 20th Century.  However, they were found to be deadly carcinogens, and use was banned in America in 1978.  That still leaves numerous buildings nationwide which contain PCBs, and their liquid nature makes them particularly prone to make it into the ground and natural water sources.

PCBs can be found in a wide range of materials within 20th Century buildings, such as:

  • Electrical equipment: transformers, capacitors, voltage regulators, electromagnets
  • Oil products used in hydraulic systems, motors
  • Fluorescent light ballasts
  • Cable insulation
  • Adhesives/tapes
  • Oil-based paint
  • Floor finishes
  • Caulking and Insulation
  • Plastics

ACM has the tools and experience needed to handle and remove this genuinely dangerous substance.  Removal is typically done by hand, within heavy duty protective gear, and utilizing air-tight isolation systems to prevent the PCBs from becoming airborne.

Lead Abatement

The health and environmental hazards of lead are well-known, but lead-based paints and other products are still commonplace in older buildings.  As with PCBs, use of lead in paint was not outlawed until 1978, leaving far too many sites which can cause health issues simply through contact.

Removal of lead paint requires fully stripping the walls, within an isolated environment that captures all flakes and dust which may be generated.  This is highly dangerous work, requiring top-tier hazmat gear to protect the workers.

ACM has the capabilities to remove lead from your building, while doing minimal damage to other structures.

Other Environmental Abatement And Decontamination Services

ACM has experience with a wide range of other, less-common cleanup procedures.  We can assist with:

  • Contaminated soil and other excavation services
  • Hazardous material and chemical remediation
  • Storage tank removal and closure
  • Contaminated groundwater remediation/treatment
  • Waste profiling, management, transportation and disposal
  • Site restoration services
  • Hazardous waste sampling
  • Hazardous waste protocol programs
  • Asbestos program development
  • Transportation and disposal
  • Reinsulation or other replacement of abated materials

Clean Up Your Site Safely And Effectively With ACM

We are dedicated to safety and environmental protection in all our cleanup services.  As a result, we’re trusted by government agencies, businesses, and construction contractors across Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine.

If your property is found to contain hazardous materials, rapid response is needed to mitigate all damage to the environment, humans and animals, and your own reputation.  Contact ACM to begin consultation on your cleanup project.